Vertical <strong>solutions</strong> for industrial sector

Start with Opera Industry today. It's a quick and easy process. Just configure the web application with your assets, upload maintenance checklists, download the app and that’s it... Opera is ready to work!


Efficiency and ease of use in one system for unprecedented industrial asset maintenance management with real-time connection to machinery

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An open system for connection with laboratory instruments and test benches full compliant with Part 11 requirements

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Universal app and cloud system for commissioning, after-sales, and telemetry of machines, with end-user access to machine data

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Through direct connections to the machines is provided a complete overview of the progress of orders, the physical state of resources and materials

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<strong>Mobile Application</strong> to work in the field

Take a look at the new way to perform maintenance and inspections of theme park’s rides. With the Opera App for your smartphone you have the entire technical office at your fingerprints.

  • Synchronize your data

    Your work orders and assets documents are always aligned with technical office thanks to offline synchronization

  • Find all technical details

    In the pending activity sheet, find all information you need to do the job: procedures, videos, spare parts and many more

  • Check scheduled tasks

    Everyone view a personalized list of scheduled tasks, designed to improve the organization of the work

  • Perform your activities

    Check out the tasks scheduled for you and start performing the work following the checklist step by step

  • Connected with the technical office

    Check parts in the warehouse, take a picture to report an issue, write some notes or record a corrective intervention... with the same tool!

All your assets in a treeview

Arrange all your assets in a tree view that reflects your functional and geographical organization

Team connected by mobile

Give a mobile device to technicians of the maintenance team and assign the work to be done easily and in real-time

Visual maintenance plan

Maintenance and inspection plan with visual checklists for a faster learning curve and better safety results.


Opera Industry is the new way to perform inspection and maintenance tasks for companies involved in service and field management.

Asset Management

Thanks to our powerful technology you can easily track all kinds of activities from your assets to define and follow your workflow. Today getting a complete Report of your activities lifecycle is a matter of a click.

Approval and Signature

In a multi-level organization, the best practice is to have two level approvals, so that your manager can review and approve the work of technicians before opening the ride for operations.


The system creates automatically a non-conformity ticket to track a failed inspection step. In this way is easier don’t miss any issue found.

Maintenance and Inspection

Create digital work orders linked to your machines and assets. Whether it is an inspection checklist or preventive maintenance, Opera will support you always. Opera will be the control center of your machines and workforce.


Forget lack of management! Opera allows the park management team to have a new level of control and tracking of the work. A new dashboard can be easily added to implement your custom KPIs.

Machine Telemetry

Connect machines with the power of OPC technology or add new sensors to critical point you want to monitor in real time. You’ll know the status of your machines: alarms, working hours, energy, speed… and the predictive maintenance is on!

Spare Parts

With Opera Industry, the spare parts catalog is always online! You can classify codes of each spare part connecting it to the spare parts table. Tables are always on the smartphone, so you can quickly find/order the part you need, even in the field.

Offline working

Never stop your job,even when WiFi is lost and internet connection is down… Opera App will synchronize automatically as soon as the connection returns available.

Ticket Management

Collect support request coming from park operators. You can manage ticket received by phone, email or Web application assigning and distributing work order to your maintenance staff.

Discover Opera Industry

Take a look at the new way to perform maintenance and inspections of theme park’s rides. You'll be surprised at how simple and effective it is.

OUR <strong>CUSTOMERS</strong>

Frequent Questions

We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions. If you need help, feel free to open a chat or get in touch with us by e-mail or phone.

With Opera Industry you quickly increase the efficiency in your operations management inside your company. As per our experience you save from 15 % to 25 % of time for paper management and company procedures executions, and around 10 % of time for a better arrangement of planned works.

Of course! Improving traceability and quality level of operations helps your company to reduce downtime of assets and number of complaints. Indeed with Opera the control chain from the manager to operations will be more effective. This will result in a clear benefit for your customer satisfaction and a stronger positioning in the market.

Software licenses are available for rent in the PROFESSIONAL versions, using the Remorides Cloud service. In the ENTERPRISE version is possible to choose the Cloud service option with license renting, or on premises option (using a customer dedicated server) with perpetual license.

The implementation in the company is a fast and simple process. Normally the roll out is concluded in two weeks, or less in case of cloud service activation.

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