Opera Industry makes it possible to manage all the internal and external company processes of the entire product life cycle, from design to management of production resources, scheduling of production activities, production data collection, not forgetting the connection of production plants and management of warehouses and spare parts in an Industry 4.0 perspective.

Improve production management

with Opera Industry

The platform makes it possible to manage production and all operational aspects of companies in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, guaranteeing greater efficiency and traceability of company processes.

Work orders and company documents always aligned with the technical department
Detailed task plans with the information you need to get the job done: wizards, videos, spare parts...
Personalised list of your scheduled or assigned tasks to improve work organisation
Connected with the technical office to manage warehouses and spare parts
Connect machines using OPC technology or add new sensors at critical points to monitor information in real time

Integrating Opera Industry into the company production process is even easier

With a few clicks you can get a complete overview of the progress of orders, resources and materials…. How does it work?

For example, it is possible to introduce a new on-board machine control (HMI) that, through an OPC server installed inside, communicates with the production lines.

Opera HUB, the Opera Industry module that allows the connection with the machines, reads the data from the OPC Server and stores them in the Opera DB. In this way it is possible to plot the production values (in real time or to graph the history), the alarms in progress and, through a dedicated dashboard, display the aggregate data as well as the production performance (OEE: Overall Equipment Effectiveness). But that’s not all.

At each job start, which occurs with the operator’s machine start-up, Opera stores the data in a digital file containing ALL the data characterising the product and the subsequent traceability (verification, research, control…). The evolution of the orders can be managed both via web and smartphone directly in the company.

And with the connection of Opera Industry with the company ERP, it is possible to automatically load the production recipes directly from the management system, allowing at the end of the order to return all the production data (time/consumable) to automate the logistic process.


Times are changing and turning the concepts of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing into reality has never been easier than today!