Efficiency, reliability and safety when it comes to maintenance management for machines are factors that should not be left to chance. A system that allows industrial maintenance to be tracked at all stages and guarantees a safe and reliable working environment can be a strong point for a company. Opera Industry Platform helps to ensure that maintenance standards are established, tracked and guaranteed. It is a tool that maintenance teams can use to improve safety, increase efficiency and extend the life of critical assets.

Optimises Machine and Plant Maintenance

with Opera Industry

Optimise machine and facility maintenance Manage assets, plants and entire facilities easily Improve communication between technical teams, keep track of and speed up work processes, or with one click create accurate and easy-to-use reports

Assign maintenance managers to specific machines, production lines, systems and assets
Schedule preventive maintenance on high-volume, high-risk machinery
Exploit industrial maintenance scheduling to reduce the likelihood of accidents and reduce downtime
Role-based user management to improve and customise work organisation
Manage your spare parts inventory dynamically
Organise and visualise machines, systems and buildings in an intuitive hierarchy

With Opera Industry you can finally manage your assets analytically and effectively, using a state-of-the-art methodology:

Measure operational effectiveness
By extending the use of standard KPIs such as OEE (Operating Equipment Effectiveness) it is possible to measure the performance of an entire plant and not just a single one. OEE is a hierarchy of standard metrics that measure production performance, quality and available capacity. Applied to an entire plant, OEE is a rather strict metric that in many cases has nevertheless led to companies increasing productivity by 50%, without requiring significant investment.

Environmental sustainability
Manufacturing Insights research demonstrates the strong connection between increased profits and environmental excellence, so implementing environmental sustainability practices in the context of manufacturing execution is not only a way to support business growth (green products are growing faster in the market today), but also to achieve operational excellence.

Modern maintenance management
In today’s complex business environment, management needs to review maintenance strategies for each individual asset to ensure better operational efficiency. Many companies are beginning to base their new maintenance strategy on Reliability Centreed Maintenance (RCM), a strategy that tends to identify the best maintenance solution for each individual component of the plant on the basis of an assessment of the downtime risk.


Trends increasingly show how operational management of assets and activities can become a formidable source of competitive advantage for companies.