Enabling machine builders to improve interaction with their customers and collect data from the field through a dedicated tool for technical management of commissioning and after-sales with App and telemetry greatly simplifies the management of after-sales requests.

Get more with an after-sales solution

with Opera Industry

Create a space for each customer on which to share manuals, maintenance plans, diagrams, service reports, spare parts or manage service requests via Ticket…

Personalised access platform for customers
Complete asset database
Ticket management
Keep track of counters and monitor machine consumption
Infrastructure compatible with various industrial communication protocols dedicated to storing signals, receiving information and alarms

With Opera Industry, Service 4.0 takes concrete form

Thanks to the communication between Android App and Web interface on Cloud.

The platform allows the manufacturer to collect the data coming from the machine together with those of the test checklists, FAT, SAT and service activities in a single integrated system; and the customer to access the technical contents and procedures both on smartphone and on the web.

With a single system, services are managed for the customer and the installed machine fleet… How does it work?

The manufacturer creates an account for each customer, who then finds manuals, maintenance plans, diagrams, service reports, spare parts in the graphic interface and can also open a service request ticket…

But not only with Opera Industry you can strategically exploit the data coming from the machines (IIoT) because it is equipped with an infrastructure ready for the various industrial communication protocols that allow the historicization of signals, the reception of alarms, and the management of consumption…


An ideal solution for enhancing the interaction between the manufacturer, its machines, and its end customer.